PTI Federal Cabinet approved Rs15 billion relief package to cut down prices

Islamabad: the Federal Cabinet in its meeting today is likely to announce a package of 15 billion rupees to help consumers from exorbitant inflation, TECH News reported on Tuesday.

The Cabinet will consider the allocation of 15 billion rupees the Ehsaas a program to provide subsidies to the masses. Assistance will be provided through the Utility Stores Corporation (USC).

“Direct subsidies can use between 40 and 50 billion rupees through direct and indirect intervention, and will be approved by the Cabinet today,” the report said.

The prime Minister Imran Khan has revived the special task force (SPG) of basic food products, under the Ministry of national food security and research, with a mandate to develop a management information system for planning and coordination of the supply and demand for 15-20 basic food products.

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