Xperia XZ3 and XZ2 Android 10 updates suspension due to bugs

Sony has been in the past had a certain excellence among modders and Android developers, by his commitment to this community. However, this never means that Sony itself quickly to promote updates for its own phones, despite the minor changes it makes to the experience Android. Two months ago, announced the phones is Android 10, and although it has begun to fulfill that promise, the errors that users have come across can make them wish that Sony did not release the update at all, or at least not yet.

The list of Sony Xperia models to be updated on Android 10 it is not that long. In addition to the latest XPERIA 1 smartphone, THE XPERIA 5 leading will be included in the registry on the Xperia 10 and 10 in addition, a trio of XPERIA xz2 smartphones, and the Xperia XZ3. Last month, Sony started releasing updates for the past two years, but consumers are faced with different random errors that make the phones virtually unusable.

These issues include abnormally slow fingerprint sensor, accidentally closing apps, and reset some settings without user intervention. It seems that there are also cases of crashes in the user interface that cause icons to disappear. Add to this the message that the messages are delivered late and the battery life runs out, and you get a recipe for an angry mob of Sony Xperia owners.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no easy way out of this situation. Users report that resetting the phone to factory settings just temporary solutions to the problems, only for them to reappear a few days later. The only permanent solution would be to downgrade to Android 9.0 Cycle, which is also not an easy process.

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