Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert keep bigger picture in mind ahead of All-Star Game

There’s no question that Rudy and Donovan are excited about Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game in Chicago, and the fact that they get to participate in it. Asked at Wednesday morning’s shootaround if the fact that he is an All-Star has sunk in yet, Donovan quickly replied, “No! I’m not gonna lie to you.”

But then, there’s a good reason for that: The Jazz players have been focused on … well, the Jazz.

“Playing the tougher teams that we have, you can’t really reflect on [the All-Star Game,” the guard added. “… The five-game skid made it easier for me to forget.”

Rudy, meanwhile, acknowledged that while he’s looking forward to bringing some family to the game, then taking a few days off “somewhere sunny, where I can get a tan,” he’s not about to overlook the Jazz’s final pre-break game tonight against Miami.

“It’s very important for us to go into the break on a high note. I don’t think we’re going to appreciate it as much if we lose tonight,” he said. “I think the mentally tougher team is going to win — we’ve got to show that’s us.”

Donovan, meanwhile, was similarly keeping the bigger picture in mind.

“I’m excited about it … but it’s bigger than just one All-Star Game,” he said. “We still haven’t made it past the second round [of the playoffs]. So we need to stay ready and stay locked in. ESPN 700 today.

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