Equity Monday: Circuit breakers, Seed rounds, and startup valuations

Equity Monday: Circuit breakers, Seed rounds, and startup valuations

Good morning friends and welcome back to TechCrunch the Equity Monday, as the share of short-term audio formats kickstart of your Sunday before the regular Equity. the page is still sent Friday morning, so if you have listened to the show over the past several years, don’t worry—we will not change the main show (this is the last week before now, with Danny Crichton, in which we see the new Kleiner.)

This morning is more than too much. COVID-19 bad news and the stock market to worry about, but this weekend saw another new problem like falling down in the oil price and save less value in Treasuries. What happens when the United States government notes the sub-surrender to less than 1%? We are about to find out.

For us this morning. what is important is COVID-age 19 it also spread to the global stock market continue to fall, Louis in and outside equities are going to be hit hard, that pre-market exchange is any indication. currently the stock is push. 5%losses, as we write to you.

Place a cross order of this is what is in our thoughts this morning.:

What will happen to the private market valuations, now is a public market next to reprice? When have a sense of time work?
What happens when startups fall back and take out the hunt for slower, but more efficient economic growth?
Finally, what will happen to all companies looking to go public? Like Asana(more than this),Procore(save praised this),Accolade(our reporter),not to mention Postmates,DoorDash(read)and Airbnb(more than are here). Now,it seems that we can plane into Q22020 with two co-be non-biological in secret IPOs under our fitness belt
Finally, in the show we will be talking about seed buying for the Airmeet,Sama, and Vivoo. They,at least remove the bit of square that day.

Again soon and on this week, it is a good time to stay abreast of the news

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