Spotify rolls out a more personalized home screen to users worldwide

Spotify rolls out a more personalized home screen to users worldwide

Spotify, RUB gradually rolling out a redesigned mobile app is in the small of the part—first with an update to the podcast page.on some of the experience. Today the company is revamping the most itching part of a Spotify ad’s dirty secret home screen. now when Spotify users can call programs apps, they will notice the new home screen greets them, depending on what time of day it is with”good morning””good afternoon”or”Hello”for example, but the screen content and my advice, of course, London will also change with time in the daytime. Spotify told and the content within has the better plan, so you easily jump back or browse a list guide from the main page.

Previous Spotify home screen emphasized your listening history with the top of the page, something like your”recently came from Holy oil.””your on the list of podcasts”and”your heavy arrested.”

The car lies between improve apps. home screen divided into two main parts:the familiar content on the top and create a new or featured content are the bottom half.

Now back home, monitors, power everything, multi-point under weekday welcome where you can continue with the story, like a podcasts you the information each morning, you workout play list, or album you’re listening to on heavy rotation this week, this content will improve as your day progresses to better match your activities and in the database linked to the victim from the basic before behavior

Under this set of six points at home this page will show you otherwise like your list of podcasts,”make you”play list,for my advice, of course, London and new discoveries from the basis of you listen to then more.

The concept for the new home screen similar to what Pandora recently rolled out with it’s personalized”for you”tab last year, like Spotify,Pandora is a tab with customizes displayed content from the current day. in addition, day of the week, and I suspect in a short time. it can make about a client’s emotions or the potential of the business view of the story before listening to the information

Pandora is the revamp led to two the number of users engaging with the personalized page,compare with the old browsing experience, it said. Spotify, too, that should hope to see similar cushioning in use and engagement, as users will not have to dart around the app, the more that will come across them, please of the content or advice of me, of course.. That way they will be able to start relay. through the very green after the app is released,may lead to more group work and more. discover new content.

Spotify Dating, there is a custom, by it advanced personalization and recommendation technology, customizable apps also not always the easiest to use and navigate—especially in comparison to its top American rival,Apple music, which help a little easier and cleaning tools view, and then feeling it change to try to address this problem by making it various parts and then the page easier to use.

Spotify says that the update the home screen is a rolling exercise, and start today to global users with at least 30 days prior listening history

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