TFLiving, with $4.8M in seed funding, wants to be the Uber for amenities

TFLiving, with $4.8M in seed funding, wants to be the Uber for amenities

TFLiving are taking amenities to housing and advertising of the separator(space)day announced the close of$4.8 million of seed money, led by Camber narrow Courtside Ventures and other strategic investors,also contributed.

TFLiving use technology to connect service providers, like massage therapists,yoga instructors, and dog walkers with the property managers and their residents, the service allows the resident to sign for classes or services such as a request for another community event,or service, directly from an app.

The most popular use case of the service is the fitness both classes and individual trainings, but TFLiving sen is quite old, a variety of services and experience that must be lived at its 300 collaboration features.

This is how we work

TFLiving traces partnerships with property managers of buildings that do not now offer amenities or want to complement existing amenity is an offering from the. After checking building TFLiving indicate, if anything, under-utliized space in the building,such as on the roof or a vacant unit that could be repurposed for community classes.

After assessing the area,TFLiving surveys resident and identify what they are interested in the app, which then serves up options from really service provider up internal service rules of the Manager financial guidelines.

One solid strength of the business, according to founder and CEO Devin Wirt,that is, the cost structure of the platform is that customizable. Who pays is a question that can be accepted by the property Manager if the building has a huge budget for community engagement and property managers see the value in deals five classes/month, and unlimited-want a massage, they can choose to do so, the property Manager has also consented to TFLiving into the building without pay,through to the full price of the service to the resident.

In most cases, the property Manager seemed to paw as people pay for community events, during which residents pay for their own individual services like and dog-walkers.

Because TFLiving the pricing is based on service and not calculated by the number of units that can products be priced when can be bought.\n such a mess, the cost in the budget of the property and the view from automation, when required from residents

TFLiving the property will allow the Manager to study equipment or services and collect a share of the profits for example, if a property Manager without a trace, the budget for community learning, or service, but what’s the matter? let the resident books a personal, private training room at the gym, the property can handle the machine, the cost of fitness classes was reduced by 20% and create an income that can eventually go to community events.

“One of the things that we’re quite stringent on, is just how far they can market oil prices,”said Wirt. “A core mission of the are that can be purchased\n like a balcony to the property, all classes, we understand over there because we don’t pay rent we can charge below market pricing. We also want to be real you do the mission that we want questions that can be purchased\n such a mess services.”

Not like ClassPass, which just links the service provider to users in the fitness space TFLiving not dynamically price its various classes and services from basic popular or quality. Fitness classes, for example, is always between$50 and $ 80,with geography being the main determining a catch specific with the price

The company refused to share the income of the unconscious, but between the company and the service provider, but the subject on the bed to listen, that’s a different by vertical and service providers get the majority of the income.

TFLiving currently has agreements with the properties of the cross 29 the United States with a contract that more than 800 properties. if you go to here, and will cover more than 200,000 units.

Wirt said he saw potential enough to perform TFLiving in the ad spaces as well,such as this room.

Moreover, TFLiving are working on the technology side of the handy man not prominent as possible TFLiving integrates with a variety of property management platforms from mobile people open the door, apps to platforms for pay the rent need to care what the requested resident use, those apps can request and book TFLiving amenities directly from those platforms.

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