The Robinhood app is down again as stocks get routed on Wall St.

The Robinhood app is down again as stocks get routed on Wall St.

Investors using the exchange app from Robinhood is once again locked out of the exchange after the advance dividend to go down on another very heavy(bad)day of exchange on wall street

After about one hour of downtime,functionality apps. now are some of the restoration a new the latest outage came a week after the outage. program about what is one of the busiest exchanging days of the year
At$912 million. fintech giant said that it must provide compensation to customers of it Robinhood gold premium subscription for a little borrowed money to redeem with. Morningstar research report Nasdaq data, and the bigger the instant money. It is the proposal to them three months of service.

As the month of Robinhood gold use silver 5, another 5%every year until the interest up to borrow above the$1,000 was arrested on suspicion of using every day., before the pricing changes to unit wages per month range as high as $ 200. However, the rewarded users will be just 5 per month for all of $ 15. that may seem woefully inadequate if Robinhood users miss out to buy back into stocks like Apple that at 9% on Monday, Robinhood is to call it”first”.

Impacted Robinhood, users can contact the company here to ask for compensation. Below you can see the email Robinhood sent to customers late last night.

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