Fortnite Deadpool Challenges Guide: Where to Find GHOST and SHADOW Posters to Deface

Part of the Fortnite Deadpool week six challenges is to find SHADOW and GHOST posters around the Fortnite map to deface. Although these posters are all over the map, it could still be a daunting task to find one, knowing that you need to watch your back for an enemy attack.

How to Deface SHADOW and GHOST Posters?

With that, here’s a guide on some of the locations of the SHADOW and GHOST posters to make it easier for players out there.

But first, how do you deface these posters?

Before the challenges have arrived, data miners had leaked both week 5 and week 6 Deadpool challenges, so many Fortnite players were aware that they have to find the Merc’s big black marker and deface some posters.

However, nobody was sure how. Many thought you’d have to use Deadpool’s marker.

It turns out that you need to use your Spray, as noted by Newsweek, which works a lot like the dance emojis. So, make sure you equip a Spray before heading into battle to complete this Deadpool task.

Locations of the Recruitment Posters

With that, here are locations of some SHADOW and GHOST posters around the map:

  • Find a SHADOW recruitment poster located on a barn, northeast of Frenzy Farm.
  • Find another SHADOW poster at Frenzy Farm, next to the car outside the main farmhouse building.
  • South of Frenzy Farm, there should be a garage with a SHADOW poster.
  • Find a GHOST poster at the Ghost House located east of the Weeping Woods.
  • There’s another GHOST recruitment poster on the opposite side of the Ghost House, still east of Weeping Woods.
  • Go to Weeping Woods and find a GHOST poster on the side of a cabin.
  • Go to Retail Row and find a SHADOW poster to the right of the chain-link fence.
  • A GHOST poster can also be found at the Retail Row, right on the white and blue RV.
  • Northwest of Slurpy Swamp, there’s a brick building with a GHOST poster.

These are just a few of the locations, as there appear to be others as well, but they should be easy to find.

Additionally, it seems like Fortnite players don’t have to deface three GHOST posters or three SHADOW posters necessarily, so just deface any posters you see that are close to your current location.

After completing this week’s Deadpool tasks, players will get a Deadpool wrap.

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Finishing Deadpool’s Tasks

For those who haven’t found Deadpool’s big black marker yet, it can be found in Brutus’ room, right on top of his desk.

TechTimes has also provided a guide for every Fortnite Deadpool tasks from weeks 1 to 6, making it easier for players to finish the tasks and get the highly-anticipated Deadpool skin that will arrive soon in the game.

Nevertheless, there is still no word when the special outfit will arrive, but many are thinking it will be made available in the next few weeks or as Chapter 2, Season 2 ends.

Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android and iOS devices.

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