No Straight Roads Gets Release Date; Hits PS4 And Epic Games Store On 30 June 2020

If you’ve been following the local game development scene, then you’ve probably heard of No Straight Roads. This is made by local studio Metronomik. We’ve reported on them a bit, especially as part of our Level Up coverage. And the game has finally gotten a release date.

Alongside the release date, Metronomik also announced a PS4 Collectior’s Edition of No Straight Roads. In addition to the game itself, it will also have a 10-track vinyl of the game’s soundtrack, a 64-page artbook, and a set of full-sized drumsticks with the game’s print on it.

No Straight Roads is an interesting take on the action-adventure genre. Music and rhythm elements play a major role in the game, and is a key mechanic in its combat system. The general plot revolves around indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction in Vinyl City, which is ruled by the EDM empire NSR. Other genres of music have been outlawed, and Bunk Bed Junction will have to free the city from NSR’s control.

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