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Redmi Display will compete with the Xiaomi monitor series

A few months ago, Xiaomi launched several monitors. They are referred to as the Xiaomi monitor and Xiaomi interface. The former model is for main tasks, while the latter is for games. After the separation of Redmi from the "parent brand", however, we have seen many cases in which Redmi products are exposed to fierce competition. Why can't that be done in this area too? Recently there have been rumors that the company is preparing for the release of the Redmi display. Today we can get to know some functions of the upcoming monitor.

It turns out that the Redmi Display will be 23.8 inches tall. In other words, this product competes directly with the Xiaomi monitor. The source that revealed this information did the same for the Xiaomi models. So there is every reason to believe that the information is fairly accurate.

However, the source claims that the Redmi display will be available in June for less than 600 yuan ($ 85). As a reminder, the Xiaomi Surface Display costs 2,499 yuan ($ 353). The original Xiaomi 23.8-inch monitor costs 699 yuan ($ 99).

In addition, the 27-inch gaming monitor from Xiaomi will be available in July, the 24.5-inch gaming monitor from Xiaomi in September and the 29.5-inch monitor from Xiaomi The 27-inch -4K monitor will be available in November. The Redmi brand will also have plans for regular 27-inch monitors, 27-inch gaming monitors and 23.8-inch gaming monitors. However, the start time has yet to be determined.

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