Moto G7 gets Android 10 update

As early as January of this year, Motorola started to introduce the Android 10 firmware update for the Moto G7 Plus. A few weeks later, the company released the full kernel source code for this update. Vanilla Moto G7 owners have been waiting for this update since January and now, after many months, it has finally been introduced. Unfortunately, this is currently only available in Brazil, but the company will move it to other regions after this first rollout.

Motorola states that the Android 10 rollout started on May 7th. The company wants to make this process as smooth as possible. For this reason, it will be introduced in batches by the end of this month. The current Android 10 build has the serial number QPU30.52-16-2 . U Unfortunately there is still no confirmation regarding the Android security patch level within the firmware. As expected, the update will introduce all the extras provided by Android 10. This includes system-wide dark mode, gesture navigation, intelligent responses and improved authorization controls.

While Motorola is one of the worst companies when it comes to fast Android updates, the Moto G7 has received a lot of love from the Android community. The handset already has several custom ROM versions based on Android 10, such as LineageOS 17.1. As the Android 10 update reaches more countries, the company is expected to release the Android 10 kernel source code. As a result, the custom development scene for this medium range phone will continue to grow.

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