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Ren Zhengfei: Huawei cannot completely wipe out US chips

The Huawei community (voice) recently released the full minutes of an interview with the founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, in southern China. Ren Zhengfei spoke again about the US ban and Huawei's supply chain. He believes it is impossible for Huawei to completely remove the US chip from the supply chain. According to him, this is impossible because American companies also have to survive.

During the interview, the reporter asked whether Huawei was able to completely "de-Americanize" its supply chain. Ren Zhengfei said:

“This is impossible. American companies have to survive, but only under certain standards can American companies sell and deliver. Now we're still buying American devices in bulk. However, if the U.S. government raises the standard, some will no longer be sold and we will have replacements for them. Most American chip makers are still selling and will not fail to buy. “

Ren Zhengfei said that globalization has created such a situation today and there will be problems if there is no corner.

According to him, US companies that are under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Commerce are applying for a license with the Department of Commerce that can be provided after approval. The Department of Commerce has set a threshold that must be checked above the threshold and is still open below the threshold.

However, Ren Zhengfei also said that Huawei "can fully self-sufficient, but we are still buying Qualcomm chips. I don't know how much we're going to buy this year. We used to buy tens of millions of chips every year. “

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