Apple's new AirPods Studio can include head and neck

Apple's new AirPods Studio can include head and neck

We've got a lot of rumors about Apple's future on headphones. Now it seems that this upcoming AirPods Studio will include some fantastic features, some of which are already included in AirPods Pro.

From time to time there were rumors about the new AirPods Studio. Some of them say we could see them this year. Other rumors suggest a possible price range, but now we're going to talk about the possible features that they could use. The first feature we will mention is similar to AirPods in-ear detection, in which a song is automatically paused when you remove the earbuds. These new headphones would include a sensor that detects when the headphones are on your head or around your neck. In other words, they would automatically pause or play music depending on where you have it.

Other functions include a sensor that detects the right and left ear and automatically switches channels to the corresponding side so that there is no incorrect use. You would also have an active noise reduction and transparency mode. You can also unlock custom EQ settings by connecting them to your Mac or iOS device.

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