Chrome has a tab grouping feature to make your browser's life easier

Usually 15 to 20 Chrome tabs are open on my laptop (I'm confident that it's not just me). And yes, shuffling through all of these tabs in itself is quite a task. Fortunately, Google will soon be introducing a feature that will make life easier for all tab boarders like me. This trick is called tab grouping.

Tab grouping allows users to rearrange tabs in a labeled group that can also be color-coded for easy identification. After that, users can move the tabs freely and organize them accordingly in groups on the tab bar. And if labeling a tab group sounds boring, you can use an emoji instead of words.


As with normal tabs, groups are saved and opened again in Google as you left them as soon as you restart the Chrome browser. The tab grouping will be available in Chrome for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS next week. However, if you can't wait and feel adventurous, try the latest version of Chrome Beta to see the tab grouping in front of other mortals.


Source: Google Blog

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