Discount coupons for TRONXY 3D printers at Geekbuying

Discount coupons for TRONXY 3D printers at Geekbuying

There are many affordable 3D home printers available today, so choosing the right one can be quite difficult. Of course, manufacturers are still trying not only to fight with the latest specifications and features, but also with the price. After all, this is always the main concern of customers. And today we're having a treat for US customers with some special discounts for TRONXY 3D printers. Everything is available in the US warehouse with free shipping, courtesy of the Geekbuying E-Shop.

And you have a choice of some pretty interesting models across the board. Let's start with the updated TRONXY XY-2 Pro with the ideal 3D home printer. It offers a maximum print size of 255 x 255 mm x 260 mm, 3.5-inch touchscreen controls and advanced features. And of course with the voucher 4AEKHZLF also a very reasonable price of $ 196.99. However, if you need larger products, you may want to choose the TRONXY X5SA with a much larger maximum print size of 330 * 330 * 400 mm and automatic leveling. Can only be yours with coupon 4T8HGBBZ for $ 289.99.

But there is a special model for the real 3D printing fans. And that is the TRONXY Ultrabot SLA 3D printer, which offers real professional performance with UV light curing technology and photosensitive resin filaments. The print size is only 118 x 66 x 180 mm smaller, but you have a special 3D printer with a landing door design. Or a color 2K 5.5-inch touchscreen for perfect control. Possibly fast cutting of professional software with 30 times faster output than open source solution. Available with the 4RYMVRZC coupon for only $ 379.99.

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