Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9.3 PureView offers exclusive ZEISS functions and 8K pictures

After the not so impressive Nokia 9 PureView, the company is preparing to introduce its long-awaited improved successor in the form of Nokia 9.3 PureView. However, we can say that the Finnish company takes its time and this long wait is compensated for by advanced camera functions. Rumor has it that the new flagship will have a 108MP sensor. A new report says that this camera can record 8K @ 30fps videos.

Of course, this function will only see the light of day if the engineers working on the phone are satisfied with the results. We know that part of this video recording support is provided through the use of Snapdragon 865. The company will not repeat the mistake of launching a flagship phone with outdated specifications. In addition to video recording, the developers are also working on ensuring advanced pro and night modes for photography. The phone comes with advanced image processing algorithms and a variety of manual controls. Night mode includes advanced pixel binning and OIS.

Nokia PureView concept by Ben Geskin

The report also states that this camera will have exclusive “ZEISS effects”. This exclusivity is due to the fact that other companies such as Sony will work with ZEISS. Given that ZEISS will not be exclusive to the Nokia 9.3 PureView, the company wants to ensure that it has at least some exclusive features from this partnership.

Aside from the leaks and rumors, we still have to do this Get consistent evidence that Nokia 9.3 PureView exists. A recent report said it may be the first smartphone to arrive under glass with a selfie shooter. If we combine all of these rumors, the new flagship sounds really promising.

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