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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 does not have an LTPO and a 120 Hz display

Yesterday's hottest news contained some details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20. We were told that these new devices would feature new LTPO display technology that would allow variable refresh rates of 120 Hz that would improve the battery life of the devices would, and apparently that wasn't entirely true.

It appears that the new LTPO displays will be part of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, but only in the + variant. New information says that the base model will use an LTPS backplane and there would be no 120H update rates. The device would be limited to a refresh rate of 60 Hz to avoid unnecessarily draining the battery. Ross Young is again the source of this leak, and he also states that the base model could be significantly cheaper at the expense of some features, although this would place the device in a Note 10 Lite area.

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