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Google cannot provide enough notebooks for remote work

Google allows employees to work from home. However, the range of hardware devices (such as notebooks, computers or smartphones) is limited. All notebook requests for remote work are temporarily canceled. And new employees are also affected by insufficient equipment.

A Google News spokesman said work to provide equipment for new employees is back on track. Google employees have had to work from home since March. The time for new employees to enter the office is extended.

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Alphabet employs approximately 300,000 people. Due to the epidemic, employees had to work from home and the office was closed. Alphabet is currently hiring employees. Alphabet's CEO said last month, "Google has hired 4,000 new employees this year," but recruitment has slowed since the beginning of the year.

The staff gave this to internal forums from the beginning of May reported that there was a lack of equipment. In one of the documents it was found that the number of basic equipment is insufficient in many places. The company is currently trying to ensure that there are enough notebooks available. However, it is still an impossible task to provide each employee with a notebook.

New employees are hired remotely, which is slower than personal employment on site. A Google spokesman said: "We are slowing down our hiring and investment and are not bringing as many new entrants as we had planned earlier this year." We continue to invest in a number of strategic areas. “

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