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Realme X2 Pro will soon get Android 11 Beta

After four developer previews for Android 11, Google is preparing to release the first beta next month. The interesting thing about Android betas is that they are not exclusive to pixel smartphones. Aside from the usual number of companies launching Android 11 Beta, for the first time we will see Realme join the train. The company is recruiting long-term beta testers to try Android 11 on the Realme X2 Pro. The firmware is not yet available, but Realme is already planning to put its beta test team together.

The Realme X2 Pro was released last year as the first Realme flagship. The company's first attempt in the high-end area was so positive that the company is now expanding the number of premium smartphones. Now the company will take an important step to increase its popularity in the Android community. According to the recruitment, the lucky testers will test Android 11 as well as some unpublished features of the Realme user interface. Apparently, Realme started developing Realme UI 2.0, which ships with Android 11, for beta testing through May 18

If you own a Realme X2 Pro and want to try your luck, you can sign up until the 18th May sign up. The beta program will run in the next few months. However, this does not mean that the users of the program need a whole year to get Android 11. The Realme X2 Pro Android 10 beta program started last November. However, the stable release took place in April this year. If Realme starts testing the next version of Android as it becomes available, the update should be released a few months after the official Android 11 rollout.

More details on the Realme version of Android 11 will be announced later this year. However, it is good to see that the X2 Pro is one of the first smartphones to receive it.

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