Oppo Reno 4

The alleged Oppo Reno 4 real image is displayed online with a unique shape of the rear view camera

In December 2019, Oppo released the Oppo Reno 3 series. It has not been up to six months since its release and there is already speculation about its successor. Recently, a supposedly real picture of the Oppo Reno 4 came onto the Internet. The popular Chinese delicacy Ice Universe published this picture and suggested that it feels like the LG Velvet.

For a start, the picture shows that this smartphone (like its predecessor) (obviously) supports a 5G network. This smartphone has a unique camera arrangement. The seemingly large protruding sensors are independent with a flash next to them. Depending on the picture, the Oppo Reno 4 will be equipped with a triple or quadruple rear view camera. If it is a quad configuration, the fourth lens should be a smaller depth sensor.

Interestingly, this smartphone is very similar to the LG Velvet. If this is really the Oppo Reno 4, then maybe we only have a cheaper LG Velvet. The Reno 4 is obviously cheaper than the Velvet.

In terms of color, the picture shows a white and black device, but only the back of the phone. Therefore we cannot say what the display looks like. In addition, there are obvious arc designs on both sides of the back of the phone. Since the front is not exposed, it is not clear whether the curved screen is being used.

There is currently very little information available on the smartphone. The Oppo Reno3 and the 3 Pro are well-specified mid-rangers with 5G. Therefore, the Reno 4 series should also be a mid-range smartphone. For mid-range 5G smartphones, the Snapdragon 765G or Snapdragon 768G sounds more appealing. We can also expect other flagship features, such as using a 90 Hz refresh rate display.

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