Facebook compares Giphy to $ 400 million

Facebook acquires the GIF sharing platform Giphy for $ 400 million

Facebook has made further loot in its campaign to conquer the entire Internet. Mark Zuckerberg's company announced today that it is acquiring the popular GIF sharing platform Giphy. According to the report, the deal cost Facebook over $ 400 million and plans to integrate the Giphy library into Instagram and other Facebook-related services like WhatsApp and Messenger.

The integration of Facebook into the platform comes from a long time. The platform allows users to share, create and edit GIFs. Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram are currently working with the library. In addition, Facebook states that about 50% of Giphy traffic comes from the company's services.

If you are a Giphy user, don't worry. At least for the near future, Facebook does not intend to make drastic changes to the platform. For now, Giphy will be part of the Instagram team, allowing users to share GIFs in stories and private messages. In the future, the company may expand Giphy's presence in other services. Or in the worst case, at least for Giphy-only users, the service is integrated into one of the Facebook apps.

Facebook's strategy of buying platforms comes from a distant past. If you remember, neither Instagram nor WhatsApp was originally part of the social media conglomerate. Instagram was bought for around $ 1 billion, while WhatsApp cost $ 16 billion. Near these two platforms, the GIF platform appears to be a “weekend buy”.

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