Realme X50 Pro Player Edition

Realme X50 Pro Player Edition "Blade Runner" officially confirmed

The Chinese manufacturer Realme is still quite young in the smartphone / accessory industry. However, the company has made significant progress since it was founded about two years ago. After the release of some smartphones in the past two years, the company now wants to try a gaming phone. There has been recent speculation about a "Realme Blade Runner" that would be launched on May 25, along with other devices. The name “Blade Runner” is just a code name, and Realme has officially confirmed the name of this device. According to the company, this gaming phone is the Realme X50 Pro Player Edition.

Simply put, the Realme X50 Pro Player Edition is a gaming edition of the published Realme X50 Pro flagship phone a few months ago. This gaming phone looks just like the normal Realme X50 Pro. While the latter come with dark color options (moss green and rust red), the former seems to be a lighter color. The Player Edition also uses a gradient design and a matte finish.

Realme X50 Pro Player Edition uses a 65W fast charger.

As a gaming smartphone, we expect nothing less than the Snapdragon 865 SoC. The regular version uses this chip, so the Player Edition should use no less. In fact, there are reports that the model number RMX2072 applies to the Realme X50 Pro Player Edition. This device (RMX2072) was recently released on AnTuTu with an SD865 SoC and a score of 600,806.

If Realme calls this device a gaming smartphone, there are some specs that would highlight it. Unfortunately there is no information about his ability to play. However, 3C certification shows that a 65W quick charger is used. A large battery, for example 5000 mAh, would not be a bad idea.

This smartphone will be the protagonist of the Realme launch event on May 25th, which will also include other Realme products such as smart TV, smartwatch, wireless earphones and power bank. etc.

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