Apple BAN is the next in the trade war? (Video)

Apple BAN is the next in the trade war? (Video)

Today’s offerings include Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad and more.

Deals. Amazon is currently offering Apple's already affordable 10.2-inch iPad for $ 79. The base model costs $ 250. However, you should opt for a higher-tier variant, since 32 GB is not enough. The iPad Mini costs $ 50 and the storage variant Wi-Fi + Cellular 256 GB for $ 629. We also have more offerings for Samsung portable SSDs, Marshall headphones and more.
Buy 10.2-inch iPad
Buy iPad mini
Buy portable Samsung T5 SSD
Buy Marshall Minor II

T-Mobile will begin sunset this summer to create a unified brand.

The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint has been going on for some time and was finally completed on April 1. The company made it clear that they would basically drop the sprint nickname and call it "the new T-Mobile". At an investor event, they just announced that they were planning a summer period to begin developing their unified strategy and simple advertising for T-Mobile. When you're on Sprint, they promised that users would stay on their carrier plans, but they would eventually be transferred to T-Mobile. What we do know is that from now on you will see the Sprint brand disappearing everywhere. So don't be surprised.

HTC may be preparing to launch wireless earbuds and pictures.

Do you remember HTC? Well, we're still waiting for the flagship the company promised, but apparently they're making some real wireless earbuds. These new earphones appear to be called HTC U Ear and have just appeared on the FCC website. The design … looks pretty similar to the normal AirPods, except that it's a shiny black colorway, which means it looks like the Huawei Freebuds 3. We also get pictures of the case, which also looks like the AirPods case, however, the earbuds are horizontal on the case and not vertical like the AirPods.

The real OnePlus wireless earbuds could be more AirPods clones arriving in July.

Speaking of AirPods clones: we have a new leak from OnePlus & # 39; coming real wireless earbuds. The image indicates a release date in July and shows a design that resembles AirPods with a few details. The source also published another tweet labeled "BALD" and the two O & # 39; s are earphone cases, and these actually look exactly like the new Pixel Buds cases. We also had other leaks from the same source, suggesting OnePlus Z will be released in July. Therefore it makes sense that they are started together.

Microsoft Surface Duo-Leck reveals dated specifications in a foldable form factor

Microsoft announced the Surface Duo … last year, and it's expected to come out this year on vacation. Now we have some more detailed and less compelling specifications from Windows Central. It is said to contain two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays with the 360-degree hinge. Unfortunately, it is operated with the Snapdragon 855, a 3460 mAh battery, 6 GB RAM and up to 256 GB storage. There is no NFC support, no 5G and apparently a heavily skinned version of Android 10 is running. It will bring a single 11MP f / 2.0 camera that will also serve as a selfie camera. If Microsoft doesn't fix that $ 1,000, we wonder exactly who they're for.

The US takes another step to block HUAWEI's global chip supply. China warns of retaliation.

Earlier this week, we reported that the US would extend Huawei's ban by another year, but it didn't stop there. The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced plans to block Huawei's access to global semiconductor supplies that come directly from U.S. sources. The main goal is to prevent Huawei from using solutions from US companies. According to Reuters, China decided to strike back immediately after the US announced these plans. They warn the US of some retaliation measures that would include adding US companies to their own "unreliable companies" list. China would impose this ban on companies like Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco and others. In a separate report, the President of the United States plans to raise taxes on companies like Apple that manufacture their products outside of the United States with the aim of having them manufactured in the United States again. Current tariffs have already cost American companies around $ 46 billion, and these new ones could force companies like Apple to raise prices if they don't move.


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