Messenger Rooms could come to WhatsApp

Facebook's new Messenger Rooms features may affect the other partner apps Instagram and WhatsApp. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, confirmed the arrival of the role in a Facebook post .

This announcement could make WhatsApp users happy because the Messenger Rooms feature basically allows users to include up to 50 participants on their video calls. This was discovered some time ago by WABetainfo when the latest WhatsApp Beta 2.20.139 update included the function of Messenger Room shortcuts in the app and was under development. With the shortcut, users can quickly create a room for their call and redirect to the Facebook Messenger app.

Credits: WABetaInfo

Messenger Rooms is a service that allows users to create separate rooms for video conferencing. Users can invite people with an invitation link so they can join the video call even if they don't have a Facebook account. The service was first implemented in Facebook Messenger. Now Facebook has introduced the function Messenger Rooms worldwide in phases.

Therefore Whatsapp will follow the example and gradually add Messenger shortcuts to users. Users can install the latest beta version 2.20.163 to explore the feature. You can find the Room option in the pin icon at the bottom of the chat session. It is also included in the "Calls" section next to the "Call" button.

If you click on the "Room" option, brief information about this function is displayed. You can create a new room by clicking the "Create new room" option. You will now see a message that will take you to the Messenger app.

As mentioned above, the arrival of this linking function is further confirmed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and it will continue to reach Instagram in the future. This link to the WhatsApp function is now available in beta and is expected to reach the stable versions in the future.

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