WhatsApp Web Dark mode is almost done

WhatsApp Web Dark mode is almost done

The WhatsApp app has already received dark mode. Unfortunately, this does not yet officially apply to the WhatsApp web version. With a little trick, however, you can also use a dark theme there. Even if the developers of the service are still working on it.

Once you've opened WhatsApp Web, you should just right-click and select "Inspect" from the menu. Then the code of the page appears on the right and a console for editing. There you will find the string "body class =" web "at the top. Web is the class of the original theme you are using. Just replace it with" Web Dark ". When you have replaced the string, tap ENTER. WhatsApp Web now uses the dark theme!

As soon as you close or update the tab, it will automatically switch back to the light theme, but we expect a toggle switch very soon.

It is worth noting that the new ones Facebook Messenger Rooms features will be available in the other partner apps Instagram and WhatsApp, and the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has confirmed the arrival of the feature in a Facebook post.

This announcement could make WhatsApp users happy , because the "Messenger Rooms" function basically allows users to include up to 50 participants in their video calls, as WABetainfo did some time ago discovered when the latest WhatsApp Beta 2.20.139 update included the function of Messenger Room shortcuts in the app and was in development. With the shortcut, users can quickly create a room for their call and redirect to the Facebook Messenger app.

Messenger Rooms is a service that allows users to create separate rooms for video conferencing. Users can invite people with an invitation link so they can join the video call even if they don't have a Facebook account. The service was first implemented in Facebook Messenger. Facebook has now introduced the Messenger Rooms function in phases worldwide.

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