China threatens to impose very severe sanctions on Apple

The United States and China are suffering from severe trade tensions. Since Donald Trump's arrival at the White House, several measures have been taken against Chinese companies such as Huawei, which has been blacklisted and is considered a company on a spy mission for the Chinese government. Will China ban Apple? Which country would dare to ban one of the largest companies in the world? China could do so, according to recent Global Times media statements.

The Chinese government should prepare its "revenge" for Donald Trump's policies, which it considered illegal for Huawei. Why this sudden turn? This would follow two recent measures taken by the White House. The first was to block the supply of semiconductors to Huawei, and the second was to sign an extension of the ban on American companies from using Huawei devices. This measure would normally expire within a month, but Trump has announced that it will extend it for another year.

China threatens to impose very severe sanctions on Apple.

This very angered the Chinese government. Global Times said: “President Donald Trump has extended a decree signed in May 2019 that declares a national emergency and prohibits American companies from using telecommunications equipment from companies that pose a threat to national security on Wednesday. It's been about a year since the Huawei ban began and suppliers and partners were removed. Google has been added to this list. This means that Huawei has already launched two large flagship phones without the company's Google Play store. In addition to its suite of Android apps. This led to a decline in Huawei sales and forced the company to develop alternatives to Google's offerings. “

For China, this extension of the ban is unjustified and need not be justified. The government would also prepare its counter-attack plan against American companies that need China to manufacture their products to make sales. In the first line we find Apple, but also Cisco Systems, Qualcomm and Boeing Co.

Reuters details that: "China is ready to put US companies on a list of unreliable companies". This would be part of countermeasures against Washington's decision to block semiconductor supplies to Huawei Technologies. “While the world is in the midst of a health crisis, the US-China trade war has resumed. Especially since it is not the only "tension" of the moment. Because Donald Trump continues to accuse China of being the culprit of the Covid 19 pandemic. He even claimed to have evidence that the virus was developed in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. This makes the Chinese government very angry with the United States.

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