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Huawei will continue to receive broadcasts from TSMC for the next 120 days

The U.S. Department of Commerce yesterday announced a number of measures to reduce the Chinese group's ability to develop semiconductors using American technology abroad, while Huawei is using this type of electronic chip for its smartphones and network devices. "This announcement blocks Huawei's efforts to bypass export controls," the ministry said.

This announcement should further burden relationships that have already been damaged by the Covid 19 pandemic that has triggered in China. And Donald Trump keeps criticizing Beijing. The American president even threatened to sever all ties with the Asian giant on Thursday. The ministry said it had "strategically and very precisely targeted Huawei's purchase of semiconductors."

The American authorities are doing everything to limit the presence of the Chinese telecommunications giant in the United States. They accuse her of cooperating with the Chinese authorities and therefore carrying a high risk of espionage. The charges were repeated and rejected at the top level by the Chinese company.

The United States has blacklisted Huawei, making collaboration with American companies almost impossible. As a result, the Chinese company can no longer install Google services and apps on its smartphones.

Huawei will continue to receive broadcasts from TSMC for the next 120 days.

With the announcement of the new restrictions, U.S. officials recognized this. Huawei had successfully circumvented the restrictions imposed since 2019. Huawei and 114 subsidiaries were then blacklisted, forcing companies to obtain a license to export American products.

“We need to change the rules we use from Huawei and HiSilicon (a subsidiary) of the telecommunications giant that makes semiconductors) to prevent American technologies from serving malicious activities that are against the interests of the United States' national security and foreign policy . "

However, as of this Friday, the US government grants 120 days before the application of these new restrictions. Foreign companies that use U.S. semiconductor manufacturing technology for Huawei or its subsidiaries can continue to supply semiconductors that have been manufactured for a period of 120 days. The move could pose serious problems for TSMC, the major Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers that supply Huawei.

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