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Mysterious private network adapter used in Apple Leaked

Apple recently submitted a regulatory document on low-power network adapters to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The document states that this private network adapter is for internal use only.

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This document was released during the routine update of the FCC database and deals with low-power WiFi -Fi transmitters operating below 1 GHz. In fact, this can mean that the 802.11ah protocol is used for IoT applications.

 Apple Private Network Adapter

Although most of the documents in this document are hidden under confidentiality agreements, the legal label is code-labeled "Meerkat" and model A2282. The current code or product number is not linked to existing Apple products.

According to the type A certification specified in the document, this device is a "proprietary network adapter". It is said to be used in factories, offices and the Apple Store and is not intended to be sold to consumers. The document also states that the purpose of the device is to "optimize the identification or addition of trusted devices for security reasons".

Based on this information, the device appears to resemble a type of IoT security or authentication system. They are widely used in Apple offices and internally. Like consumer products, Apple requires authorization for internal devices, such as For example, the proprietary access pass reading system disclosed in the 2017 FCC file.

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