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Some Redmi and Realme phones receive a price increase in India

The sale of smartphones has already been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, companies have made a difficult decision to raise prices in India due to the recent GST increase. Realme has now increased the price of its entry-level phones Realme C2 and C3. Redmi has also announced a price increase for its affordable smartphones.

According to 91Mobiles the latest price increase has been reflected in all storage variants of Realme C2 and C3. If we remember, the Realme C2 was launched in April last year at a price of Rs. 5,999 for the variant with 2 GB + 16 GB, while the variant with 3 GB + 32 GB was offered for Rs. 7,999. But Realme announced the price reduction of the higher variant later this year and the smartphone was sold for Rs. 6,499.

On the other hand, in February of this year the company launched C2's successor, the Realme C3. The handset was introduced for Rs.6.999 for 3 GB + 32 GB variant, while the 4 GB + 64 GB variants were introduced for Rs.7.999. The company had already raised prices last month due to revised GST regulations.

The company is now forced to carry out a further price increase for various reasons. The new price reductions are already live at his online partner Flipkart and are also being followed in offline stores. You can take a look at the price revision below.

Model Old price (in £) Price (from 16.05.2020)

(in £)

Increased amount (in £))
Realme C2 (2 GB + 32 GB) 6499 6999 500
Realme C3 (3 GB + 32 GB) 7499 7999 500
Realme C3 (4 GB + 64 GB) 8499 8999 500

Apart from that, Redmi has also announced a price increase for its affordable smartphones Redmi 8, Redmi 8A Dual and Redmi Note 8. It must be noted that this is a new hike from the is revised hike that the company performed earlier this month due to changes in the GST. Check out the revised prices below.

Model Variant Old price (in £) New price (in £) Increased amount (in £)
Redmi 8A Dual 3 GB + 32 GB [19659008] £ 6,999 £ 7,299 £ 800
Redmi 8 4 GB + 64 GB £ 8,999 £ 9,299 £ 300
Redmi Note 8 [19659008] 4 GB + 64 GB GBP 10,999 GBP 11,499 GBP 500

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