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China Mobile surpasses 50 million 5G users and is the largest 5G operator of Word

In less than half a year of commercial use of 5G, China Mobile has now accumulated over 50 million 5G users, making it the world's largest 5G operator. In today's report, China Mobile also said they will surpass 100 million 5G subscribers within the year. They will also build over 300,000 base stations.

China Mobile has more than 50 million 5G users and is the largest 5G operator in the world.

At the China Mobile Ecosystem Partner Conference in May, Deputy Jane Qin, General Manager of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., announced various interesting dates about her 5G success. In particular, he announced that the 5G operator has already built over 12.4 million 5G base stations. This will cover a total of 56 cities. As previously mentioned, their 5G data plans now have more than 50 million customers. Jane Qin said China Mobile will strengthen 5G network deployment in 2020. Creation of a 5G network with "national coverage, advanced technology and good quality". By the end of the year, the company will build over 30 million 5G base stations in cities at the prefectural level.

 China Mobile 5G

Regarding the actual 5G products, China Mobile plans to meet the needs of users asking for double gigabit internet. The company will work with industry partners to create 5G data plans for "1 + 1 + N". This means: 1 x 5G mobile phone, 1 x Gigabit broadband and support for smart devices; These include VR headsets that are connected via WiFi6. According to the official statement, the internet operator will invest 15 billion yuan in the project.

At the end of April this year, the spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information together with the director of the Department for Information and Communication Development Wen Ku, who expressed his support for mobile phone companies to strengthen R&D and innovation, offers consumers one wide range of 5G mobile phones with a high cost-performance ratio. He also urged telecommunications operators to gradually lower prices for all data plans.

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