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HUAWEI makes an official statement on new US sanctions

The US government recently announced plans to limit the sale of chips to HUAWEI. At the ongoing HUAWEI Analyst Summit 2020, the company issued a statement on the latest sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Friday.

HUAWEI opposed the changes made by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The company has committed to comply with all government rules and regulations since the trade ban.

The US government also decided to ignore the concerns expressed by "many companies and industry associations". The company says this action threatens to undermine the entire industry worldwide and will affect more than 3 billion HUAWEI users.

 Huawei Statement

The new rule is expected to affect the expansion, maintenance, and continued operation of networks hundreds of millions of dollars in 170 countries. HUAWEI said the action will have a serious impact on a variety of global industries.

 Huawei Statement

"The US is using its own technological strengths to destroy industries outside its borders," said HUAWEI.

For reference, HUAWEI relies on TSMC (according to an estimate by counterpoint research) for over 98% of smartphone-related chips, and the Taiwanese company is one of the companies most affected by the new US regulations. [19659010] Huawei Statement "class =" wp-image-561908 "/>

In the long term, the company believes that this move will damage trust and collaboration within the global semiconductor industry, on which multiple industries depend. [19659002] The measures taken by the US government are designed to undermine international companies' confidence in US technologies and their supply chains, which could ultimately harm US interests.

HUAWEI announced that it was undertaking a comprehensive review of this new one Company enforces rule, business is expected to remain unaffected, and attempts to minimize impact.

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