It seems that some iPad Pro users have battery problems due to the Magic keyboard

It seems that some iPad Pro users have battery problems due to the Magic keyboard

Apple's new Magic Keyboard is a new accessory for the latest iPad Pro that includes an engaging multi-touch trackpad and a backlit keyboard that is great for making this tablet the ultimate portable productivity tool. However, it seems that it is also starting to cause problems for its users. Some of them have reported their frustration with the fact that this magical keyboard discharges their device's battery too quickly, and it is even worse if the battery discharge issues concern the iPad Pro when not in use.

There was no real explanation for this problem, but the iPad Insight blog was aware of the problem, and it appears that you could replace your Magic keyboard under warranty if it affects your battery life.

The second is pretty obvious – backlight vs. no backlight. I was expecting better battery life with the Magic keyboard backlight off, but it still wasn't nearly as much as I expected. During my last test, I still fell over 25% during two hours of writing. For comparison: with the iPad Pro alone this weekend, I burned 45% for 5 hours in a row when I played streaming videos with audio through the speakers of the iPad. I expect this type of use to require more power, but it is still reasonable. This battery consumption corresponds to the total service life of the Pro of 10 hours. In comparison, it doesn't make sense to lose a quarter of my battery capacity by typing without backlight for two hours.

The only way to test my theory was to get a new one and see if it gave better results. I did the end of last week and I tested it while completing this article and doing other work in the past two days. I started typing with the backlight off and using the trackpad while working through this and another article. It seems that my Magic keyboard's battery life is far better than my first one. I only lost 6% in an hour of fixed usage. While this is not the same performance as the Smart Keyboard Folio, it still fits into the 10-hour battery window that we expect from the iPad Pro.

9to5Mac employees also started a survey to determine how many users were experiencing these problems. At the time of this writing, 33 percent of users reported problems. Another 32 percent say they do not, but 34% of users are unsure or only vote in favor of the survey. What about you? Do you have problems with your battery life due to the Magic keyboard?

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