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Samsung is preparing a cheaper Galaxy Fold for the launch in July

Ross Young, founder of research companies Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch, announced that Samsung plans to announce a special edition of the Galaxy Fold smartphone in July this year.

Samsung is preparing a cheaper Galaxy Fold for launch in July

He claims Samsung will sell this model for only $ 1099. The manufacturer plans to ship only around 55,000 units. This is done to remove inventory from the remains of Galaxy Fold before a full-fledged successor is released as Galaxy Fold 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Special Edition will look exactly like the original smartphone that was released last fall. However, it will be the cheapest flexible smartphone on the market.

Previously, Max Weinbach, publisher of the well-known XDA developers, announced that the Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite 4G smartphone, codenamed Winner2, will receive 256 GB of flash memory and a Snapdragon 865 system with one Chip. To reduce costs, components are used that Samsung used in its smartphones in 2018, 2019 and 2020. When folded, users have access to an additional display, but it is not the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In size, it is more comparable to the external screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The good news is that the handset should keep the GalaxyFold 2 chipset. That means we have the Snapdragon 865 on board, while the storage should be reduced to 256 GB. The presence of the chipset corresponds to the current flagships. It will also outperform the Galaxy Z Flip introduced with the Snapdragon 855+ to lower the price.

The report also states that the Fold Lite does not come with ultra-thin glass on its internal screen. Therefore, the image quality will be slightly lower than that of the Galaxy Z Flip. Of course, all of this is still based on rumors. So we should digest it with a pinch or two of salt.

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