Samsung Galaxy A51

New Galaxy A phones could soon get optical image stabilization

Samsung M and A series smartphones are among the most popular on the market. In addition, the Galaxy A51 has become a global bestseller in the first quarter of this year. And now, as SamMobile writes referring to Korean sources, the company can seriously improve the cameras of several upcoming models of the Galaxy A line. You will add an optical stabilization system to them.

Most popular Samsung smartphones can be optically stabilized.

Samsung is considering introducing OIS into the cameras of its Galaxy A smartphones. You will debut in the second half of the year. The company did not do this earlier because it would increase the cost of the equipment and, accordingly, reduce the revenue from the sale. Now the situation has apparently changed: Either the costs for OIS components have dropped, or Samsung is simply ready to earn less with every smartphone in order to increase its market share. Incidentally, some experts believe that Samsung will have new sales problems. Samsung should strengthen its market position and increase sales.

Well, if OIS really makes its debut in Samsung Galaxy A smartphones, it will definitely be more appealing to fans of cameras in smartphones. In addition, mid-range smartphones are becoming more attractive to customers.

Strategy Analytics recently announced the ranking of the most popular smartphones running the Android operating system in the first quarter of this year. The list is led by the Samsung Galaxy A51. Sales from January to March amounted to around 6 million units, which corresponds to approximately 2.3% of the world market.

In second place is the Redmi 8 with a share of 1.9%. In third place we also have the Samsung Galaxy S20 + with a result of 1.7%. Next up are the smartphones Samsung Galaxy A10s and Redmi Note 8, each of which makes up around 1.6% of the market. The Samsung Galaxy A20 follows with a share of approx. 1.4%.

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