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The Vivo X50 Pro could be equipped with the new GN1 sensor from Samsung

Vivo recently launched a tease campaign for the upcoming Vivo X50 series. Yesterday we received a new teaser from the company, which introduces a new image stabilization technology for the Vivo X50 Pro with a gimbal technology. Now a new post by none other than the company's product manager in China has appeared on Weibo. He shared new additional details regarding the camera setup that will be found in the new beast. Interestingly, he shared Samsung's news about the recently announced ISOCELL GN1. This is pretty much a good indication that the sensor in question is in the handset.

The company also shared another teaser. It's about the performance of the X50 Pro camera in low light. The Korean company talks again about the latest sensor from Samsung and states that this sensor is already in mass production. For this reason, customers can expect to see it on smartphones very soon. Vivo X50 Pro will be the first smartphone to launch the GN1.

According to the management, the camera of the handset has 2.4 µm pixels, the sensor has a size of 1 / 1.3 and the setup can generate 100MP images. Interestingly, all of these specifications match the recently released Samsung sensor. We will likely see confirmation from the company as the teasers become more consistent.

The new Vivo X50 series becomes official on June 1st.

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