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With Google Photos, you can now share an album directly without creating a link

Google Photos has a direct sharing feature that allows users to share pictures and videos in the app through a conversation interface. The company is now building on that and adding a feature that allows you to share an album directly with your contacts without having to create a link.

You can share an album with friends and family who have a Google account and appear in your contact list at the top of the sharing menu. In fact, this is the default option for sharing albums in the Google Photos app and gives you more control over who you want to share your memories with.

However, users can still create a link and share it with people via chat apps, email, etc. if the recipient doesn't have a Google account. You can turn off link sharing if you want, decide whether someone else can add photos to your album, and remove people from a shared album alongside their media files.

Source: Google Blog

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