A new approach to tenant insurance

A new approach to tenant insurance

The next thing to an undo real life button
by: Charles Costa

Whether you're renting an apartment complex or condominium, or owning a single house, it's a matter of course that you always take need some level of protection from the unexpected. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is not known to be generous. Think of high premiums, lots of small print and complicated claims processes. None of this is fun to deal with.

Lemonade is a refreshing alternative to traditional insurance companies that use technology to improve efficiency, improve the customer experience, and use the cost savings to provide lower premiums. Since the company receives a flat fee from the awards, there is no incentive to delay or reject claims. For this reason, you can process and pay as many claims as quickly as possible.

While you probably need to call 1-800 today to get something done, lemonade policies are fully managed through easy-to-use policies. Use the mobile app. Everything from changing your coverage, adding roommates, submitting claims to contacting customer service can be done with just a few taps (and without speaking to a single person).

And when the unexpected happens, lemonade really has your back. If you need to make a claim, Lemonades A.I. Claims Bot, Jim, will process all information and in many cases issue payment within three minutes. Entertaining fact: Jim holds the world record for the fastest damage payment.

Lemonade covers are uncomplicated and easy to understand. It only takes 90 seconds to get a Lemonade policy. Tenants 'deals start at $ 5 a month, and homeowners' deals at $ 25. Lemonade not only offers its customers exceptional value, it also charges a flat fee on your insurance premium, uses the rest to settle claims, and returns what remains of the causes that interest you.

Are you ready to press lemonade? You will receive a free offer here.

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