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Google App finally gets Dark Mode

Google has updated its native apps with new features from time to time. Recently the Lens app was discovered in beta to solve math equations. Now comes the latest update in the form of dark mode for the famous Google app.

According to reports Google is finally making the coveted dark mode functions available for both Android and iOS users. when was tweeted by Google's search connection . The new function offers an integrated dark mode for users with Android 10 and iOS 12/13.

The app sets its settings according to the system settings on Android 10 and iOS 13 means that the app dark mode activated by default. If you have activated system-wide dark mode on your phone. However, users can now switch modes within the app manually within the settings option. In addition, iOS 12 users can do the same.

If we remember, Google announced the dark modes for other apps like Google Keep, Google Files and Google Photos when the developer preview was launched last year and made them available to all users during the release of stable Android 10 in September. However, the update for the Google app has so far been in the test phase.

However, some users reported that they could see Google App dark mode in June last year. This function was partially applied to some windows of the app and was only limited to a few users.

The latest update is now available to all users of the Google app. The rollout begins today and reaches everyone by the end of the week. You can try the new dark mode by updating it to the latest version in the Play Store.

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