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It's official – Huawei will use MediaTek's 5G SoC in the future

Today Huawei officially released the Honor X10, which starts at 1899 yuan ($ 268). With this price tag, it is the cheapest 5G smartphone in the Huawei range. Obviously, the Honor X10 will continue to popularize 5G smartphones. If Huawei can have such a cheap 5G phone, it won't be long before a 1000 yuan ($ 141) 5G phone hits the market.

Honor X10

After the launch event Honor President Zhao Ming accepted an exclusive interview with the media. When asked whether Honor will consider MediaTek's 5G SoC, Zhao Ming gave a positive answer. According to him, MediaTek has been a partner of Honor's various product lines from the start. He also said that Honor uses MediaTek chips.

“Our strategy has always been this way, we will continue to work with MediaTek's 5G SoC in the future, and MediaTek has always been a great partner… We want to ensure that we use different platforms and experience better products than our friends. In the future we will have to work together on multiple platforms. “

Currently MediaTek 5G SoC mainly comprises Dimensity 1000L / 1000/1000 + and Dimensity 820. It is not clear which honor is chosen. Even if Honor opts to use MediaTek's 5G chips, it probably won't help MediaTek grow its market share.

With Huawei's Kirin chips under threat, the company must look for viable alternatives. MediaTek has pretty good and competitive 5G chips. So it's no surprise that Huawei is using some of its chips.

The current phone is still the Honor X10, which has a whopping 9 5G frequency bands. This is the first smartphone to use so many 5G bands. According to the Chinese manufacturer, we won't find many smartphones with more frequency bands in the next two or three years.

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