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Samsung Galaxy S21 could arrive with Chinese OLED displays

This is not the first time we have heard rumors that Samsung plans to buy BOE scoreboards. The first time we heard these rumors was almost a month ago, when rumors said that Samsung may want to use Chinese displays for its mid-range smartphones. However, new information suggests that we could even see these cheaper OLED displays in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21.

Industry experts say the base model of the Samsung Galaxy S21 may come with an OLED display made in China. Samsung may have been negotiating with BOE for almost a month and may have finally sent an official request for quotation. However, these displays do not support 120 Hz refresh rates, so they are unlikely to be found in the high-end versions, as these high refresh rates are a key selling point for the current flagships.

Samsung may only be interested in BOE OLED displays with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, while Samsung Display continues to supply OLED panels with 120 Hz support. Samsung Electronics is also believed to be trying to lower prices on Samsung displays as they may feel threatened to lose some orders to BOE. In any case, it will also help Samsung cut the manufacturing costs of its next Galaxy S flagship.

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