Report: iPhone SE 2020 will be released next week

The Galaxy Note 20 series does not have a 100x space zoom function

When the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was announced, it quickly got the highlights of the Galaxy S20 series due to its 108 megapixel camera and all the advanced features of this hardware. A few months after the release, we know that not everything is really stable with this camera arrangement. A new report now says that the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series does not have the 100x room zoom function. This function is available in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The quality is not the best, but still an interesting feature.

The report comes directly from the very reliable Leakster IceUniverse . According to him, Samsung is not really satisfied with the reception of the novelty. For this reason, there will be another way. Instead of an advanced telemodule, the company will opt for a more modest solution. However, this does not mean that the periscope lens or the high-resolution sensor is scrapped. According to the Leakster, the Note 20+ will continue to include Samsung's 108MP HM1 sensor.

He also states that his company will be working in autofocus experience for the Galaxy S20 Ultra user. In terms of hardware, the S20 Ultra 2020 appears to be Samsung's most impressive phone. As I said, at least in terms of hardware. Rumor has it that the company will not manufacture a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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