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Huawei Mate Watch is on the move – files for brands

Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei has established the Mate series as the company's flagship. The Mate series is steadily developing into a full-fledged brand and currently has all types of devices. The Mate series includes smartphones, notebooks, tablets, etc. Current registration information shows that the Huawei Mate series may soon receive a smartwatch. A new trademark application from Huawei was released a few days ago. After some research, it was found that the product name is "Mate Watch". The Huawei Mate Watch belongs to international classification 9, which covers electronic computers and other electronic products.

Just by name, the Huawei Mate Watch should be a smartwatch. According to the usual pattern of mate products, the characteristics of extreme technologies and business models should be emphasized.

Huawei's main watch product is currently the Watch GT series. This series has stronger sports and health features. The general expectation is that the mate watches should have both additions as well.

There is currently no further information regarding the Mate watch. However, we will keep you informed as information unfolds.

Will Huawei actually launch a Mate Watch?

The registration date for the Huawei Mate Watch brand is May 6. This application does not necessarily mean that Huawei has to start a "Mate Watch". It may actually be filed to prevent other companies from using the name. We don't know if the Mate Watch will be a completely new flagship watch or if it will replace the Watch GT series.

What do you think of the Mate Watch? Should it be a new flagship series? Or should it be a continuation of the Watch GT series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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