The PS5 will be 100 times faster than the PS4 in early June

The internet is currently a big mystery that plagues all fans of Sony's PlayStation series. The company hasn't said much about the PlayStation 5 yet. Aside from a developer-focused event, too little is known about the company's next-gen console. Of course, there are already some important details, such as the official hardware specifications and the so-called Audio 3D and the groundbreaking SSD. However, customers and fans are still waiting for an event where we get a “real” overview of the new console. While this event is not happening, Sony is slowly revealing some important details about the PS5.

The only part of the PS5 whose design has been confirmed is the DualSense controller.

One of the Features That Generate Hype In the gaming community, the SSD is included in the PS5. While the company still doesn't seem to be interested in revealing the new console in all its glory, we've gained a little more insight into the technology behind the new console. The SSD was again on the agenda at Sony's last corporate meeting. According to the Japanese giant, the "Solid State Drive" supplied with the new console will be so fast that the system works 100 times faster than the PS4. Are you satisfied with the overall performance of your PS4? Imagine it now, but 100 times faster. We all know that SSDs are really faster than hard drives, but is this correct? According to official information, the new SSD works at a speed of 8 GB / s, which is simply incredible.

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With the SSD of the PS5, the system can run 100 times faster than the PS4

] The company shared a document with further details, and upon further examination we can See page 17 for more details on the SSD. First of all, loading times are basically banished, which has plagued players for generations. It also says that the technology behind the PS5 can change the gaming industry. After all, the difference compared to the current generation will be massive.

“To improve the feeling of immersion in games, we hope to improve not only the resolution of the PS5, but also the speed of the games. Thanks to the high-speed SSD, for example, we plan to process data for games 100 times faster than that of the PS4. Game loading times should be much shorter and players can move around the worlds immediately. “

As the above statement says, next generation players can uncover massive open world games with no load time. One of the big problems with open world games is that the player is using the fast travel option. It always sends the player to a loading window in which we have to wait for the game to reload the world. According to the above statement, this will happen very quickly.


Since the PlayStation 5 is equipped with an updated processor, the use of SSD is almost mandatory. After all, the new chipset can do more calculations for a moment. Therefore, the data must be accessed very quickly, otherwise a bottleneck can occur in the system. According to Sony, the new storage system will be able to deliver what the chips need faster. Unfortunately, we still have to see how everything will work in real life.

The CEO of Epic Games praised the PS5 SSD.

Tim Sweeney, the managing director of the leading companies in the gaming industry, praised Epic Games' SSD from PlayStation 5. According to him, the 825 GB Solid State Drive is the best of all platforms. He also states that this goes far beyond the technology of current PCs. Seems to be really promising, doesn't it?

Rumor has it that Sony is preparing to unveil an online offer for the PlayStation 5, which will happen in June. Unfortunately we have to wait until a solid confirmation comes from the company. However, if the above report is correct, it can happen very soon considering that June is already in the corner. The new Xbox Series X will also have a special event in June, the report said.

A recent Sony report also says the company will soon unveil mainstream games that are being prepared for the next generation.

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