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The CEO of Google wants to work with Apple on other projects

Sundar Pichai, who continues to serve as CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, has recently made remarkable statements about Apple. He explained that he did not want the project they had worked with Apple on for a while to be the only one and that similar projects should be available. Apparently, notable developments regarding the partnership between Google and Apple will be on the agenda.

In his statement, Sundar Pichai first spoke about the project in which the corona virus tracking system was developed with Apple. Reminder: Both Google and Apple have developed a system that tracks the spread of the corona virus through collaboration.

Google’s CEO wants to work with Apple on other projects.

Later, Sundar Pichai stated that doing so is committed to working with Apple. In fact, there seem to be attempts to work with Apple on various projects, such as the notification system project. Aside from that, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said he regularly communicates with Apple's CEO Tim Cook.

Apple and Google were all surprised when they announced that they were working together. They developed an API to enable the development of digital tracking applications to better track the spread of the Covid-19. The Contact Tracking API was recently available. This contact tracking API, called Exposure Notifications, is now available on iOS and Android operating systems.

This API enables developers or governments to create applications that can be used to perform digital contact tracking. It also provides the ability to notify users when they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. The system uses Bluetooth and works automatically. This happens as soon as two devices are nearby and the functionality is active.

The fact that this API is built into iOS and Android should make it much easier to implement. Activation of this function is at the sole discretion of the user. For example, they have to give their permission to send and share their data if they fall ill. Protection is required to protect users' privacy. Unfortunately, if they refuse to refuse to do so, the overall efficiency of the system will be affected. The fact remains that the two technology giants offer a perfectly functioning solution in this time of crisis. They remove the API remotely once the pandemic ends.

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