The Redmi Smart TV X-Series will use MEMC motion technology -

The Redmi Smart TV X-Series will use MEMC motion technology –

Today Lu Weibing, Vice President of the Xiaomi Group and General Manager of the Redmi brand, spoke about the problems of "normal TVs" and the solution from Redmi. According to him, viewing high-speed images on "normal TVs" will be a major problem due to the inadequate video images. Ghosting, smudging and other problems will inevitably arise. The upcoming Redmi Smart TV X-Series will be delivered with MEMC motion compensation technology. In addition, these televisions also support the 60 Hz algorithm for intelligent compensation.

MEMC actually means motion estimation, motion compensation. This technology is actually very new. For normal TVs, it is a big deal to capture fast moving objects in great detail because of their small video images. However, MEMC makes it possible to artificially create additional frames for films and videos. This means that a film at 30 frames per second can be viewed at 60 or even 120 frames per second. This makes the viewing experience seamless, fluid and attractive.

The Redmi Smart TV X-Series has three models.

The Redmi Smart TV X-series will be officially released at the new launch of the Redmi 10X-series at 2 p.m .: Reports say the Redmi Smart TV X-series will have three models. These include the Redmi Smart TV X65, X55 and X50.

According to earlier information from Lu Weibing, the Smart TVs of the Redmi X series have an excellent performance in terms of picture quality, appearance materials, sound system and smart experience. The new product is aimed at younger people. It also promises to be an ultra-light flagship with extremely narrow edges.

Redmi will also present the Redmi 10X and a new 16.1-inch RedmiBook on May 26. In addition, on May 25, Xiaomi Smart Home will add three refrigerators to its ecological chain.

Xiaomi and its Redmi sub-brand bring a variety of premium products to the market each year, demonstrating their hard work and commitment to their customers. Xiaomi's products may not be the best, but they are definitely good value for money.

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