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Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ variant for CNY 149 (~ 21 USD)

Xiaomi offers a wide range of products from various areas and segments, including the company's surveillance camera and action cameras. The company recently launched a new PTZ camera. This time it's a model that is really affordable. It is the company's cheapest model so far. The model is called Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ version and costs CNY 149, cheap $ 21.

The new camera is the fourth of its kind to come from Xiaomi's “hands”. Before this model, the company has already released three more PTZ camera units – the first with 1080P, another with 2K resolution and a Pro version.

It is noteworthy that this special model does not have an automatic vertical pan / tilt control. However, users can tilt it vertically and automatic horizontal rotation is also available. In addition, the camera has a 2 megapixel camera with 1080P video recording. The new PTZ unit uses WDR technology. By using this technology, the panel can retain more light even with backlighting. In addition, the Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ has a 940 nm infrared fill. It has an improved optical structure, so the fill light is more uniform and the night vision permeability is also stronger. As a result, users will not be exposed to red exposure and visual pollution at night.

With regard to software functions, the Mi Smart Camera SE PTZ has a new generation of H.265 video coding. In addition, the bit rate is 50% lower than before. Users can easily watch 1080p HD video with only 1 million uplink bandwidth. When it comes to the external storage function, you can expand it with a microSD. However, other solutions are also supported, e.g. B. network storage or cloud storage. The data sets stored in the MicroSD can be played back at 1x, 4x and 16 speeds. This makes it much easier for users to navigate through a recorded video.

Intelligent functions include a function for recognizing people. As the name suggests, it ensures that the camera can easily identify people. As a result, no false alarm is triggered due to the movement of pets, wind, grass or other objects. This is really an interesting and clever function. The new camera is available on Xiaomi's Youpin platform. Unfortunately, there is no idea whether this cheap PTZ camera will ever leave China.

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