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A jailbreak that runs on all iPhones running iOS 11 and later is released

A jailbreak has been released that works on all iPhones running iOS 11 and later, including Apple's mobile iOS operating system, the latest version iOS 13.5. Apple has not yet released a security update for the vulnerability it is using.

Because iOS is a closed operating system, its security problems are better developed than with Android. However, this does not mean that iOS has no vulnerabilities that hackers cannot take advantage of. This time, hackers exploited a vulnerability that Apple is not yet aware of, and this allowed a jailbreak to be released for all current versions of iOS – from 11 to 13.5.

The makers of the jailbreak say this It is stable and does not cause increased battery consumption. It also does not interfere with the work of brand services like iCloud or Apple Pay and does not violate the security of sandboxes. Users can now install applications from alternative directories for free – from AltStore and Cydia.

A jailbreak for the latest iOS versions is here.

Usually Apple quickly closes the gaps used in iOS to crack and jailbreak. But now, as Unc0ver claims, the company will need at least two to three weeks to release the patch.

Users who want to remove Apple's iOS restrictions and use their own settings on their devices, go through a process called jailbreak. This type of access, which removes Apple's restrictions, gives the user full control of the device.

However, according to some security experts, this is the case. Since jailbreaking has made some changes to the device's own operating system, it also opens doors for new security holes.

It is worth noting that an early version of the iOS 14 mobile operating system had been available to some security experts, hackers and the media at least since February this year.

We don't know exactly how it leaked. However, according to the media, this would be due to an illegal sale of an iPhone 11 in December 2019 with iOS 14 installed.

An iPhone 11 with iOS 14 was available in one of the Chinese production factories at the end of 2019. When monitoring the subcontractor, one employee managed to confiscate the smartphone with the idea of ​​selling it on the Internet. As a result, the man found a buyer and sold him for several thousand dollars. This person who bought the iPhone 11 then extracted iOS 14 to share with developers and security researchers.

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