China vs. USA - Cloudtech complains

CloudTech laments how the US is adding it and 32 other Chinese companies to the company list

This morning, the US Department of Commerce announced another big piece of news related to Chinese companies. A further 33 Chinese companies and institutions have been added to the "List of Companies" following the recent announcement. Companies include Cloud Technology (CloudTech), Beijing Computer Science Research Center, Qihoo 360, Jiehui Chuang (HK) Technology Co. and others.

In response, CloudTech regrets the solution but there are preparations and alternatives. CloudTech said it will conduct business activities based on strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the relevant countries and regions. The aim is to promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence technology by formulating and implementing strict ethical standards for the use of artificial intelligence technology. It also offers customer services based on the company's proprietary technology and products that have independent intellectual property rights.

“We are confident that the company's business will continue to grow healthily and protect the interests of its customers, partners and partners. Employees and investors. “

It appears that all Chinese companies pose a security risk to the United States. With the development of the United States, it will not be long before ALL Chinese companies are banned. But will China's technological progress collapse without the United States? I leave this question for you to answer. Still, the US only seems to teach China to be self-sufficient. China's technology is developing at a rapid pace. The country has the numbers (technicians), it has the workforce and it has the market. It will be interesting to see how it all ends.

CloudTech Declaration to Enter US List of Companies

We have followed US Department of Commerce documents and related reports in Chinese and international media and we will continue to pay attention to them.

Artificial Intelligence is the basis for the future functioning of business society and can benefit people on many social issues such as environmental, rural, health and educational justice issues, etc.

As a Chinese company for artificial intelligence, cloud technology continues the mission to "define intelligent life and increase human potential". It also insists on two-wheel drive market and technology to combine advanced technology and industrial applications. We hope to use AI to make a contribution to society and change the world. This will increase human potential and improve productivity …

CloudTech has always had good relationships with China and other national environmental partners to provide better services to users, and CloudTech will maintain active communication with all parties to ensure a fair one and ensure fair treatment. We are confident that the company's business will continue to grow healthily and protect the interests of the company's customers, partners, employees and investors.

We regret the solution and have prepared ourselves accordingly for the situation.

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