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How did iOS leak 14 months before release?

Apple appears to have very serious internal security problems. As reported by Vice, an early version of the iOS 14 mobile operating system has been available to some security experts, hackers, and the media at least since February this year.

We don't know exactly how it leaked. However, according to the media, this would be due to an illegal sale of an iPhone 11 in December 2019 with iOS 14 installed.

An iPhone 11 with iOS 14 was available in one of the Chinese production factories at the end of 2019. When the subcontractor was monitored, an employee managed to confiscate the smartphone with the idea of ​​selling it on the Internet. As a result, the man found a buyer and sold him for several thousand dollars. This person who bought the iPhone 11 then extracted iOS 14 to share with developers and security researchers.

In just a few weeks, the new operating system passed into the hands of a large number of people who specialize in mobile software. The information received was then sold to American media, which quickly shared the new features of iOS 14.

Leakage has occurred on the web in connection with Apple's new version for mobile operating systems. It is likely that their source is exactly the same build of iOS 14.

How iOS leaked 14 months before release?

Small leaks from the new Apple software are particularly common a few months before their official presentation. However, a very unusual situation is when an entire early version of iOS leaks on the web. According to the source of the publication, this was generally the first time for Apple.

Recent leaks related to the new mobile operating system include information about a new fitness application, the PencilKit API package for the company's pen, and the updated iMessage. It will also offer a new look to the home screen, the ability to test third-party applications by scanning QR codes, a full change of keychain function, and more. At the same time, The Verge states that it is quite possible that Apple is currently delaying the implementation of some of the above innovations or giving up entirely if the leaks are based on the December 14 build of iOS 14.

In the past, Apple has always released the first beta version of the new iOS for developers right after WWDC. It usually takes place in June. This year, the company changed its format due to the corona virus pandemic. And will host WWDC20 online on June 22nd.

“To mark its 31st anniversary, WWDC20 will provide millions of creative and innovative developers from around the world with early access to the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. A press release on the Apple website states:

The company typically officially releases a new stable version of iOS in the fall. It comes with the introduction of new models of iPhone smartphones.

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