Redmi TV Soundbar

Redmi TV Soundbar with 30W speakers and Bluetooth 5.0 for 199 yuan ($ 28)

The Redmi Smart TV X-series will be officially released on May 26th. The company officially describes this television as "the light, smart flagship for young people". The upcoming Redmi TV has three models, including Redmi Smart TV X65, X55 and X50. Just before the Redmi Smart TV X was released, the company released a new soundbar. The Redmi TV soundbar has 30W speakers and is currently available in Xiaomi YouPin for 199 yuan ($ 28). This intelligent soundbar supports both cable and Bluetooth connections. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0.

This Redmi TV Soundbar is 78 cm long, 6.4 cm wide, 6.3 cm high and weighs 1.5 kg. It has a minimalist design and uses a matte black color. In terms of installation, Redmi TV soundbars, like most soundbars, can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk. The Redmi TV soundbar also has two 45 × 80 mm runway full-range speakers. In addition, the 30 W speaker also uses a channel-like sound cavity.

In terms of connectivity, the Redmi TV soundbar supports not only the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, but also the S / PDIF and AUX cable connection. To avoid ambiguity, the cable connection only needs one cable to connect to the TV.

Obviously Redmi focuses on good sound in its latest products. The upcoming Redmi Smart TV X series already promises sound quality. Now there is an independent sound bar for additional sound. A recently released Redmi Smart TV X-Poster shows that it comes with a standard 8-unit subwoofer audio system. According to the official introduction, the entire system is equipped as standard with an 8-unit subwoofer audio system and four 12.5 W ultra-high-performance speakers. They are able to offer the sound quality of an entire scene, just like in a cinema.

Earlier information shows that the Redmi Smart TV X-Series uses a 4K ultra high-definition screen and supports an NTSC color gamut of 85%. It will also be equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology and support an intelligent 60 Hz compensation algorithm to avoid problems such as ghosting and smearing due to insufficient video images.

The Redmi Smart TV X-series will be officially released on May 26th. However, this smart TV will not be alone. Redmi is also preparing to launch a new RedmiBook at the same launch event. The RedmiBook is a 16.1-inch notebook with an ultra-thin bezel measuring just 3.26 mm. Interestingly, the display rate is 90%. According to Redmi, the laptop size is 15 inches, but the display reaches 16.1 inches due to the ultra-thin bezels. This will undoubtedly make this laptop much more elegant. In addition, it will offer an sRGB color gamut of around 100%. According to Redmi, this notebook will use an AMD chip.

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